Hokie Hope

A day of remembrance to remember the 32 Virginia Tech students and faculty murdered on Monday.

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  1. I’m a Hokie sister (duh, check out my name) and i’m loving every minute of it! Sure, i wasn’t as overjoyed as i am right now before April 16, but that’s ok. the thought that i’m even remotely linked to such a fabulous network of people makes me feel better than ever!!!!…..As for HOKIE HOPE, it was an absolute hit at my high school! EVERYBODY was wearing ORANGE and MAROON! the support was fabulous (my siblings and i dressed for the part, of course)! i was proud to be supportive of my bother, who, by the way, is REMAINING A HOKIE!!!! I LOVE HIM and i admire his strength and my heart goes out to all of my Hokie brothers and sisters. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! GO HOKIES 🙂 !!!!!!

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