Crying Hokiebird

Hokies everywhere are crying. What happened at Virginia Tech is unexplainable. But we still want someone to explain it to us.

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  1. Nikki Giovanni had words. Man, did she ever.

    A Virginia Tech professor and renowned poet, she brought the house down Tuesday with a staccato, 90-second sermonette that raised the hair on your neck.

    Giovanni began:

    We are Virginia Tech

    We are sad today

    And we will be sad for quite a while

    We are not moving on

    We are embracing our mourning

    We are Virginia Tech

    We are strong enough to stand tall tirelessly

    We are brave enough to bend to cry

    And sad enough to know we must laugh again

    We are Virginia Tech

    And she concluded:

    We are strong and brave and innocent and unafraid

    We are better than we think and not quite what we want to be

    We are alive to the imagination and the possibility

    We will continue to invent the future

    Through our blood and tears

    Through all this sadness

    We are the Hokies

    We will prevail

    We will prevail

    We will prevail

    We are …Virginia Tech

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