What Blogathon 2007 Has Taught Me

I had a great time over the past 24 hours. And I’ve learned a lot: Upgrade all of your software on your server and computer several days before the event Allow two to three times as much time as you think you’ll need for any “large” projects” Don’t plan on doing any “large” projects while …

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WebCam Gone Away

I got my webcam set up for Blogathon. I’m happy I figured out how to get it working. But it looks like only two people viewed the page. That’s ok now, I can set up to watch the cats when we’re not here. I’ve turned off the webcam now.

Use OpenDNS for “Better” Domain Name Resolution

I’ve been using OpenDNS for my domain name servers (DNS) for the past 6 months or so. DNS is the magic that happens on the internet to connect your computer to wherever you are going. So if you wanted to go to Google.com, your computer asks your DNS for the address of google.com. If it …

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How Many Marbles? 1,751 to 1,757

I wonder how many marbles are in this jar? “Summer_goth” guessed 1,757, which was too high. Here’s the hint: More than 1,751, less than 1,757. Do you really need the hint? Entries are now closed. Entries are only from the comments to this post. Past entries no longer count. Entries will close around quarter before …

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