Don’t vote for Delegate McQuigg (VA-51)

My wonderful state delegate, Michele McQuigg, still thinks it is ok for her to email me. She has switched ISPs, which is why my block isn’t working. Way back in March 2006, I didn’t mention her by name, but too late. She’s now sharing my email address with other Republicans.

Why do politicians find it so difficult to do what their constituents ask them to do? It’s not like I’m asking for a multi-million dollar grant or something. I simply don’t want Del. McQuigg to email me anymore. But she (or her staff) can’t follow this simple request. Yet, she’s helping shape technology policy affecting 6 million Virginians.

I hereby endorse anyone else for any office that Ms. McQuigg is running for. Hopefully she will not be unopposed.

I do find it interesting that she is running for the Clerk’s seat. This is for an 8 (eight!) year term. Boy, talk about job security. In 2005, she won releection 8,313 to 7,107. I wonder if she thinks she will lose this election.