Harry Potter #7 (minor spoilers included)

I drive by the local Borders bookstore last night around 11:15pm. The line for the next Harry Potter book (Harry Potter and the Bulging Moneybags) was more than halfway down the block, with even more people walking to get in line. went by Target, but the store was closed, with the sign saying the store would open at 8am. So at 7:50 this morning I got in line at Target with around 20 of my closest friends. At 8:01 I had the newest Harry Potter book (subtitled “Who’s going to croak this time?” (Trevor will is my guess, ha ha, boy I’m funny)) in my grubby little hands for only $17.99. I have never had to pre-order any of the HP books, I was always able to walk into a store and buy one off of the shelf. For #6 (Harry Potter and the Close Shave), I cut it very close, and got the last copy that Borders had.

I finished my errands, got home, and started reading. I’m on Chapter 7 or so, and I’m amazed at who has already died.

Isn’t it curious at how many people’s names start with “H”? Harry, Hagrid, Hermione, Hedwig. Anyone else?

(Oops, I forgot to say that it appears the the copy of hp7.pdf that I downloaded off the Internet earlier this week was a real copy of the seventh Harry Potter book (codenamed by J.K. Rowling as “Harry Potter Will Help Me Buy My Own Island”). Of course, reading the tilted, fuzzy photos of each page was frustrating. And it didn’t really matter, I was still going to buy a copy of the book. I’d love to have a version I could put onto my PalmPilot. Then I could more easily carry the tome around.)