Getting Ready for Blogathon

I am getting ready for blogathon, it’s just over a week away. The big things to do between now and then:

  • Update all the software on my computer.
  • Update WordPress on my blog.
  • Tweak my anti-spam comment system on the blog so people can easily comment on the day of the Blogathon.
  • Finish my CHARGE Syndrome movie that I’ll be releasing during Blogathon. I received permission from a musician and his recording label to include a “real” song in the movie. That is very exciting. (If someone guesses the artist or song I want to use, I think they’ll get a prize of some sort. Good luck!)
  • Tweak my list of topics to post about. A lot of the things on my list so far are Big Deals, so I don’t know if they’ll be ready or not.

I think that’s it. What else should I be doing?


  1. Hi there Mike. Sorry first post here. 🙂

    From your front page I can’t go directly to the latest blog entries or the blog front page because the Blogathon banner is in the way.

    I don’t know if browsers make a difference. I am using Firefox.

    In fact I see now that any links in the top right corner can’t be clicked on because of the Blogathon banner. The Blogathon is great but I think people will still easily want to navigate the site. Maybe put the banner on top or move the links down?

    I’m also blogging for the Blogathon. I like your marbles idea. Will definitely check it out during the event.

    Have a wonderful time.

  2. Hi Summer, You’re right, I didn’t notice that. Thanks for the headsup. I’ve removed the Blogathon banner for now. I’ll get it back up early next week. I’m heading out for a quick trip.

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