Sponsor PlanetMike for Blogathon ’07

If you would like to sponsor my blog, you can do so. And put your credit card away. All you’ll provide there is your name, your email address, and the amount of your pledge. After the Blogathon is over, you’ll receive a reminder email to make your contribution directly to the CHARGE Syndrome Foundation.


  1. Hey there, Mike! Just wanted to check in and say hey – I’ll be your monitor during the Blogathon and can’t wait to see what you will be posting about!

  2. I have two daughters with Down syndrome and I have NEVER heard of Charge syndrome before. Now I am glued to their website reading all I can. Thank you for helping out this great organization!! I’m learning a lot!

  3. Mike. What an amazing blog on CHARGE. I love the way you paired the music with the pictures. It touches the heart in a very special way. Your videos are fantastic. Seeing Emily again as a new baby breaks my heart all over, but it is so exciting to see how far she has come already compared to the predictions when she was born. I am sure everyone touched by CHARGE is happy you are raising awareness for such a special group of children. Every dollar for research is so worth it to find the cause for this mysterious genetic mismatch. Papa and I pledge $50 to the foundation to sponsor you for your Blogathon.

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