RIP John Sinibaldi

I just read that John Sinibaldi passed away this morning. An incredible bicyclist, he competed in the 1932 and 1936 Olympics, as well as many national races and events. He was 92 years old. Here’s an article from the St. Petersburg Times Nine decades of wheels in motion. And here are John Sinibaldi’s secrets to a long life:

Eat your vegetables.
Work in the garden.
Listen to classical music.

Walk barefoot whenever possible.

Avoid TV as much as you can.
Read the paper front to back every day,
Work the crossword puzzle.
Eat red meat sparingly.
Don’t smoke.
Hug all the girls at every opportunity.
And ride your bike like crazy. 🙂

So the question I have for you (and for myself) what are your secrets to a long life? Or, more importantly, a good life?