Have Mine Own Way, Lord

Drama in church encompasses a lot more than just acting. It’s more than role playing. It’s more than an Easter play and a Christmas sketch. It’s a way to help connect our visual generation with the concepts being taught at church. Sometimes some people don’t appreciate the dramas done at church. The drama might be poorly executed; or may not be a good match for the sermon topic, or any of a hundred other reasons why a specific drama may not be well received.

I asked one of our worship team leaders to sing a solo for our drama time in October. Unfortunately, the tape of the performance was eaten by gremlins. Our keyboardist did a fantastic version of the old hymn classic “Have Thine Own Way, Lord.” This version relies mainly upon the surprise that people have when they are surprised by something new. This is sung to the same tune as the old hymn:

Have mine own way, Lord, have mine own way
I am the potter, you are the clay
Give me and bless me, don’t send a bill
Still I am waiting, wanting my fill

Have mine own way, NOW! Have mine own way
Give me and grant me, right now, today
Richer than Trump, yeah, give it right now
Cool car and new house, friends would say wow

Have mine own way, NOW! Have mine own way
Happy and parties, I go to play
Power, my power, surely is mine
Love me and watch me, I am so fine

Have mine own way, NOW! Have mine own way
I am in charge of, my life today
No one can hurt me, I’ve got it all
Me only, always, I am so tall

On the third stanza, the organist really let loose with extra notes and flourishes. And the singer did too! And I was expecting the congregation to nervously giggle after the second line, thinking that the singer had made a mistake. But then they quickly understood it is a parody. And most had a good laugh at the words and actions.

Feel free to use this song in your services if you want to. Let me know if you do, thanks.