Listening to Christmas Music

I’ve been listening to my Christmas Internet radio station. A few months ago I changed the playlist to only play songs longer than 6 minutes long. The Copyright Royalty Board decreed that I (and every other US based Internet radio station) would have to pay a fraction of a cent for every song, for every listener of the song. That is a really high rate, I would owe over $8,000 for that, instead of the $2,000 I would owe under the old system. So I reduced the number of listeners the station can have. And I started playing long songs. But since today I’m sitting at the computer all day, I wanted to hear my regular music. So I have put my regular playlist on the air. Feel free to give a listen. Merry Christmas!


  1. Oh I had totally forgotten about online radio music…I’m going to go find me some. Christmas sounds good!!

    And btw, I have no idea why you would need to freeze the stuffed animals before washing them…..hmmmm….I’ll have to do some research now! lol!!

  2. Awesome. I love me some Christmas music and have been known to listen to it year round as well. I may give a listen later on today.

  3. Christmas is my favorite season of the year. but, i can’t just listen to xmas songs during this time. I want it to be played when -ber months are approaching. really soothing to the ear. oh i think i have to make my playlist ready. thanks for reminding.

  4. Okay, since the previous comments were still posted in July – the users didn’t feel the Christmas spirit then – my comment’s already in tune as this month’s December! 😀

    I’m connecting to the station now and I do hope I get to hear those songs that could set the Christmas spirit and mood 🙂

    Good luck on your endeavors 🙂

    Dee Jay Kit

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