How Many Marbles? 900 to 1,000,000

I wonder how many marbles are in this jar?

a jar full of marbles

Summer_goth guessed “about 900.” Which is too low. Here’s a hint: More than 900, less than a million.

New entries are now being taken. Prizes are listed at How Many Marbles?. I’ll keep past entries in the pot, but be aware that some past entries are now out of the range, so if they get randomly chosen, they’ll have no chance of winning.

Entries are closed. New guesses are at 900 to 6,782.


  1. Hmmm this makes it tough. I’ll continue guessing even if previous entries can make that I can’t win. It’s still fun. 😀

    I double the amount I guessed previously.

    I now go for 1800.

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