Junk Mail 3

Late in 1997 I wrote a letter to my town’s Postmaster. I requested that they declare my residential mailbox vacant. After a week or so, no more mail. 🙂 What I had done before that was to fill out one of those Hold Mail forms, as if I was going on vacation. And I left the restart date open. After about five weeks, I got an enormous stack of mail in my box. Every single item was junk mail.

This week I called eleven different companies that have been sending me catalogs to my (old) business address, 15 months after the business closed. They were all friendly, and said I’d be off their list. I also called PC Magazine, and they said they would stop selling my name and address.

I also emailed or used web pages for five other companies. Helpful Hint: When you order from CDW (a computer hardware/software mail order place) they will add you to their mailing list. It takes months to get off of their list. And then if you order something at your office, they will re-activate your personal account so you start getting the catalogs at home AND at your office.

At this point, the only junk mail I am getting on a regular basis is from:

  • Krogers. This grocery store chain I am boycotting.
  • Virginia Tech. The alumni association likes sending me advertising about junk that I can buy. I am also a VT student again, so am getting junk mail about yearbooks, meal plans (really bad, expensive food), and gift packs.
  • Columbia House. You know, the company where you buy 14 CD’s for $1, and only buy 5 more at regular club, yadda yadda, yadda. They bought my name from the Food Lion MVP program. So I have cancelled my membership in the MVP program. And complained to the Better Business Bureau about Columbia House’s misleading advertising. They send me a junk mailing trying to get me back to their programs. But I never was a customer of theirs! That seems like misleading advertising to me.