How Many Marbles? 1 to 1,000,000

I wonder how many marbles are in this jar?

a jar full of marbles

Here’s a hint: More than one, less than a million.

All you need to do to enter is submit a comment here with your guess. Sometime in the next hour I will stop accepting new comments (entries) and will randomly choose someone’s guess. If they are correct, they win the grand prize! If they are wrong, I use their guess as one of the limits for the next entry. So if the guess was 750,000, which let’s say was too high, the next time the range will be from 1 to 750,000. Eventually (hopefully before Sunday at 9am Eastern) someone will get the correct number of marbles.

List of Prizes (to be given out in specific hours):

  • A one year new domain name registration (.com .net .org .us. .info .biz) ($10 value)
  • CD: Judy Pancoast, The House on Christmas Street) ($16.99)
  • CD: Touched by an Angel: The Christmas Album ($7.49)
  • CD: Silent Heart, by Ortansia (autographed) ($13.49)
  • CD: Soundtrack of 2004 New York Revival of Pretty Faces ($11.99)
  • DVD: David Young, Village of Dreams ($14.99)
  • Grand Prize: Your choice of:
    • 2 hours of consulting with me about your organization’s web site, a one year domain registration, basic web and email hosting for one year through, valued at $500. OR
    • An Apple iPod Shuffle (valued at $79) OR
    • A $100 donation to the charity of your choice, preferably one that is being supported during Blogathon.

Prizes were donated by my other businesses: Christmas Music 24/7, and

Ok, the contest is open. Get guessing! Entries are now at 900 to 1,000,000.


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