CHARGE Movie status

I haven’t quite finished my CHARGE movie yet. Just now I turned on the hard drive that all of my work is on. And poof! Nothing! The drive didn’t mount on my iMac. Heart racing. Wouldn’t it figure that after a week of updating my computers, web sites, doing backups, making lists of things to write about, that in the first hour, a hard drive would crash? So I unplugged the drive, checked the cables, ran Disk Utility, plugged everything back up. And the drive came up. Whew! So later today I’ll release my movie (more a music video) dedicated to CHARGE families everywhere.

If you watch my webcam you’ll be able to see me in the background working on the iMac. You might even get to see Penny (gray cat) or Curious (orange cat) helping me on the iMac. When you see me right in front of the webcam, looking off to the side, that’s me working on my Powerbook. I have two monitors on that computer, and I do most of my work on the larger screen.


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