How Many Marbles? 1,752

There are 1,752 marbles in the jar.

a jar full of marbles

“Aurora” guessed 1,752, which was exactly right.

And I think an honorable mention goes to Sally, who over five hours ago guessed correctly, but unfortunately wasn’t the entrant that time. Her entry said: “Nancy, you are way off, it’s 1752! I’m sure of it!”

I’ve got another smaller marble puzzle I’ve been counting out the past few hours to help me stay awake. Should we try it out? It’s 1 to 1000. We’d probably have to have 15 minute updates.


  1. Congratz Aurora.
    Also semi-congratz to Sally.
    Also half-semi-congratz to khouria jen, who was only 2 off way back at 4:26 pm, almost 14 hours earlier!

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