What I Don’t Miss About Working in Washington DC

It’s now been two weeks since I left my full-time job for the Center for Democracy & Technology to become a stay-at-home contractor. And there are a few things I don’t miss about being in DC:

  1. Spending at least one hour each way traveling
  2. The sounds of people yakking on their cell phones on the bus
  3. Having to get up around 5:45 each morning
  4. Seeing my bus pass me by on my way to the stop
  5. Stupid police not allowing me to walk through Lafayette Square while White House employees can
  6. Idiots like the tractor nut, or the van-full-of-explosives-at-the-White-House-gate nut.
  7. Rude bus drivers
  8. The chance of being killed by terrorists (I was in DC two blocks from the White House on 9/11)

Odd, almost all of these are directly related to commuting headaches and problems.