Tracfone Telemarketing

This morning I received a phone call from 1-800-419-7370. Caller ID showed it as “Unknown.” So I let the answering machine pick up. It was Tracfone, the pre-paid cell phone company. They left a pre-recorded message with some sales offers. I called back to “opt-out” and was told all circuits were busy. I redialed a minute later, and listened to their spiel, then hit “3” to opt-out.

I’ve been a Tracfone customer for years, and my opinion of them has just taken a drastic hit. They lied to me about why they wanted my home telephone number, and then they chose to market to it. I’m on the National Do Not Call list for a reason. Yes, I have a business relationship with Tracfone, but keep this up and we won’t! Telemarketing is unacceptable!

Actually, getting the Tracfone junk mail is frustrating too. They used to send out mailings with the address printed in a font that looks like handwriting. Deceptive!