A kid gets a job in a small department store. On his first day, the manager shows the kid around, and explains that the company policy was to sell a product, with a product. The kid looked confused so the manager said he would show him what he meant.

Now, it just so happened that a customer approached the manager and asked if they sold grass seed. “Certainly”, pointing to the wide range of seed boxes,”and what sort of lawn mower would you like?”

The customer looked baffled, so the manager went on “Well, you will sow the grass, the grass will grow, and you will need a lawn mower to cut it.”

“I hadn’t thought of that,” says the customer, “I’ll take the lawn mower as well then”. And the customer leaves the store happy.

The manager then looks at the kid and says “Now do you understand our policy?” to which the kid replies “Yes…it’s good!”

Just then, a bloke walks into the store. The manager says to the kid, “Go on, you can deal with this guy”.

So the kid asks the bloke if he can help. “Yes” replies the guy hesitantly, “Do you sell tampons, as I need some for my wife…”

“Certainly”, pointing to a shelf with tampons etc on it, “and what sort of lawn mower would you like?”

The customer looked baffled and the manager’s face drops, so the kid went on “Well, the weekend’s screwed. You may as well cut the grass.”