Re: Voting Sucks

In Voting Sucks, Devin Reams discusses his concerns with the entire voting process. His frustrations are fairly reasonable.

He should do what I generally do (95+% of the time): Vote for the person running against the incumbent. He’s right, incumbents almost always win. So I try to encourage the person with the guts to challenge the incumbent. And hopefully in future elections we will have people to challenge incumbents. Having a race with no “choices” is Evil.

But waiting 10 to 30 years for the current crop of legislators to die off isn’t a great strategy.

This summer Virginia had a primary election. I voted for one guy, and my wife voted for the other. The Democrat who was outside the polling station tried to recruit us, “since we’re obviously good Democrats voting at the primary.” His face fell to the floor when I told him we were just voting offset votes to encourage the election turnout rate. The final turnout rate was something 3 or 4 percent. So we could have had a huge impact on the final results.

That’s what the youth of America need to do (boy I feel old typing that). Get organized, get a candidate. Then show up at the polls.

(Link to original article updated on 2019-01-27.)


  1. Hey Mike, I like your thoughts. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t just sit around for the next few decades. Just the other day I was promoting Facebook’s election feature to get people involved and informed before this November. But, my point still remains, there’s little else we can really do…

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