Re: Elephant Math: It takes some time

Seth Godin points out while discussing viral campaigns “If Darwin’s elephants managed to squeeze in just one more generation, they end up with 30 million.” (Elephant Math)

I can think of two examples where someone gave “one more generation” to their product.

  • Brandon Tartikoff gave the show Cheers several seasons to find its following. The final episode received the second-best Nielsen ratings of all-time for an episodic program.
  • Virginia Tech gave Frank Beamer six seasons to get the Virginia Tech Hokies on track. And VT is now one of the powerhouses in the NCAA, having appeared in 14 straight bowl games (one of only three teams to have done so).

There aren’t many people in many industries that are willing to invest just a little more time into a product. Yes, you need to know when to pull the plug, but having faith in your product can have fantastic results.