The elder priest invited the younger priest to dinner. The younger priest was startled at how attractive the elder priest’s housekeeper proved to be. When she left for the evening, the elder priest observed: “I could not help but notice the attention you gave to my housekeeper. No doubt you have questions in your mind. Let me assure you that our relationship is strictly professional.”

Sometime later, the housekeeper called attention to the fact that the silver gravy ladle had been missing since the younger priest’s visit. “Surely he did not take it; but it has been missing since he was here.”

The elder priest decided to inquire. Said he in a letter: “I’m not saying you took the silver gravy ladle, nor am I saying you did not take it. But the fact remains, the silver gravy ladle has been missing since your visit.”

In response, the younger priest replied: “I am not saying you are sleeping with your housekeeper, nor am I saying that you are not sleeping with her. But the fact remains, had you been sleeping in your own bed you would have found the silver gravy ladle!”