Netflix Update: July 2006

Not a bad month, eleven DVDs, none were broken but two had to be cleaned with a few parts of a chapter still unable to be read. Average return time was 15.26 hours; longest time was 34.88 hours, quickest was 4.87. Three movies were shipped the next day, resulting in the ten dvd average time trending significantly upward.

Netflix Analysis

Netflix Analysis Ten Dvd Average


  1. Hi, what is your shipping average time to netflix? i mean, how long do you take between you receive the dvd, you see and ship it to netflix?


  2. That’s a great question. It varies, based on how busy we are. Usually we watch the DVD the day we receive or it the next day. Sometimes we wait until Sunday night to watch discs. Like right now, we are super busy, so we aren’t watching our discs. I think Saturday night will be catch up night for us this week.

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