Junk Mail 2000

I moved from Blacksburg to the bustling metropolis of Fairfax County in northern Virginia. The apartment I am living in has locks on the mailboxes so I did not get a post office box this time. Big mistake!

The first week after moving in, I received four pieces of junk mail. The next week six pieces. It’s usually four to eight pieces per week. I have kept all of the junk mail I’ve received in a box. I just weighed it and the box weighs over seven pounds in eight months. So that is ten pounds of junk mail a year. Multiply that times the 130 million (130,000,000) housholds in the United States. You get 1.3 billion pounds of trash. I am not an ecologist, but this can not be good for the environment. And look at how much extra fuel and wear and tear must be happening to the post office’s equipment.

I wrote to the Direct Marketing Association to get onto the Mail Preference Service. It hasn’t helped. I have not even received confirmation from them that they received my request.

The other major difference between living in Northern Virginia and Blacksburg is the political junk mail I get up here. Every candidate that ran for any office that I was able to vote for “bought” my name and address from the County Registrar. I received tons of junk mail from these politicans trying to get me to vote for them. Well, their junk mail did help me to remember the candidates’ names. The ones who sent me the most junk mail did not get my vote.