I’m in the LA times

One of my other web sites, Christmas Music 24/7, was mentioned several times in an article in the Los Angeles Times: Web DJs silenced by royalty fees.

Every day was Christmas for Michael Clark, but now the holiday’s over.

From the attic of his condo in Woodbridge, Va., the 38-year-old Web developer ran an Internet radio station that spun his beloved Christmas carols all year long. Then in March, a panel of federal judges sharply increased the royalty charges for playing music online.

Since then, it’s been one long, silent night for Clark and his hundreds of listeners at christmasmusic247.com. His site and hundreds of other free Internet radio stations already have shut down. Most others say they will stop when the rates kick in Sunday.

“It really isn’t fair,” said Clark, who pulled the plug when he realized he could owe more than $20,000 in royalties if he continued.