How Many Marbles? 1,743 to 1,932 (still)

I wonder how many marbles are in this jar?

a jar full of marbles

Bad_goth guessed 2,100, which was way too high. Here’s a hint: More than 1,743, less than 1,932. We currently have 42 people playing!

Entries are now closed. Should I only allow people who are actively commenting to be eligible for a guess? A lot of entries from hours ago are still active, and we could end up with a whole string of guesses that are outside the range. Your thoughts?

New entries are 1,743 to 1,860.


  1. You could limit it by range — leave everyone in the pool, but keep pulling out entries until you get to the first one that’s in range.

    I’ll update on the ‘thon front page, see if I can’t get you a few more takers…

  2. 1789

    And I vote for only counting recent votes. Otherwise you’d have to go alllll the way back to the beginning and keep a tally and wow would that be tedious. Your call though.

    P.S. Congrats on making it this far and good luck on finishing the Thon 🙂

  3. Luckily I started a spreadsheet after the second round of guesses so I could easily drop people off as they made new guesses. I’ve definitely learned a ton about doing this type of contest.

    And Bill, thanks for featuring the contest on the Blogathon home page. Very cool!

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