How Many Marbles? 1,743 to 1,932

I wonder how many marbles are in this jar?

a jar full of marbles

Amanda Waggoner guessed 1,932, which was too high. Here’s a hint: More than 1,743, less than 1,932. (We currently have 41 people playing!)

Entries are now closed. New entries are at 1,743 to 1,932.


  1. soooo… 1,932 was too low, but there are between 1,793 and 1,932 marbles in the jar?

    can… um… should we guess imaginary numbers? *grin*

    1,847, please. only in that magical place between 1,932 and 1,932.

    (i’m a shoo-in!)

  2. Thanks, Stefficus. I guess I’m getting more tired than I thought. Only 9 1/2 hours to go with Blogathon. I fixed the text in my post. And Stefficus is tired too, she had a typo on her numbers as well. 🙂

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