How Many Marbles? 1,743 to 1,769

I wonder how many marbles are in this jar?

a jar full of marbles

“jenny-up the hill” guessed 1,769, which was too high. Here’s the hint: More than 1,743, less than 1,769. It is starting to freak me out that the computer keeps picking the same people over and over. Anyone else?

Entries are now closed. Entries are only from the comments to this post. Past entries no longer count. Entries will close around quarter after the hour! I’m moving to a half hour update schedule so that we will be sure to have a winner by the time Blogathon is supposed to be over!

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Entries are now at 1,750 to 1,769.


  1. 1759 😀

    Eee, I’m excited to see what the actual number is. I think when I first saw this I was thinking, like, four hundred.

    Yeah, a bit off there.

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