A husband and wife are out for a drive through the countryside. They reach a familiar spot, and the wife says: “Sweetheart, let’s do the same thing we did here 40 years ago!” The husband stops the car. He backs his wife up against the fence, and he immediately jumps her like a bass on a Junebug. They make love like never before. She was SCREAMING and GYRATING, and SHAKING uncontrollably.

When it was over, much to her husband’s surprise, she FAINTED! After he revived her and got her back into the car, the husband, quite astounded, says: “Darlin’, you sure never reacted like that 40 years ago-or ANYTIME SINCE that I can remember.”

The woman, gasping for breath, is finally able to speak. She says: “FORTY YEARS AGO, THAT DAMNED FENCE WASN’T ELECTRIFIED!”