Difficulty Commenting

I’ve just spent some time surfing some of the other Blogathoner’s blogs. There were a few that I wanted to submit a comment on. But I couldn’t easily do that, because some require a Google account. Others require a LiveJournal account. There were a couple that allowed for “anonymous” submissions. But I never really noticed before how fragmented the blogosphere is. I have a feeling that a lot of it is due to spammers abusing the ability to talk with other people.


  1. i’ve been getting anonymous comments on my livejournal account. it should allow them unless the owner of the journal has blocked them.

    that seems like an odd choice to make for an event like this.

    (wait. mine wasn’t one of them, was it? how embarrassing would THAT be?)

  2. I decided not to do anonymous notes because I get blasted rather often for my cause. Unfortunately. Can you see our emails?

  3. Part of the problem you had commenting on my blog (btw, thanks!) was your obfuscated, one-time email addresses.

    Some spammers similarly use a technique to randomly create an email address …

    … Akismet in this case flagged your comments as suspected spam. Even though I ‘white-listed’ you after the first comment, the second still was similarly flagged.

  4. Hi Dean, Yes, that’s been happening on other sites as well. So it’s a toss up. I use one address everywhere, but then get spam and have no idea who’s violating my privacy by sharing my address. Or I use a unique address at each site i visit, but frequently the anti-spam system blocks me.

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