DHL Frustrations

I got a call this morning from DHL. A package to be delivered to me at work had a wrong address. Rather nice of them to call me, instead of simply returning the package to the sender. So I called them back, and talked to a nice gentleman. He asked to put me on hold for a moment. Ten minutes later I hung up. I called again a few minutes later. No answer. I called a few hours later, talked to someone, and got put on hold again. Five minutes later, the address got fixed.

While I was on hold the last time, I tried to use their web site to check out the status of the delivery. Their system never heard of the tracking ID number I had. Their online support system is only for senders, but they don’t tell you that until you get two screens into the system. Unless DHL is massively cheaper than UPS or Fedex, I can’t say I would use DHL for any of my shipping needs.