Can’t fool the dog


Creators Syndicate Inc.
Friday, November 27, 1998

Dear Ann:

I am one of the millions of women who laughed out loud when I read the letter from “Bob in Worcester, Mass.” He insisted that no woman could fake an orgasm. The reason I thought this was so funny was because although I can fool my husband, I can’t fool our dog.

We have this yappy little mutt who runs barking into our bedroom every time this particular event occurs. Even if he’s in the basement sleeping, he will charge up the stairs with amazing speed, and his timing is impeccable. A couple of times, I tried faking it to see if the dog would bark, but there was no response whatsoever from the mutt.

The other night, my husband and I were trying to be exceptionally quiet because a guest was asleep in the next room. Suddenly, right you-know-when. We are at a total loss to figure this out. Can you?

Can’t Fool the Dog in Utah

I wouldn’t even try. I’ve heard of people with ESP, but a mutt?