Blonde’s Revenge

A blonde is sitting on a plane waiting for it to depart, when a lawyer-looking guy comes and sits next to her. While she is trying to catch some zzz’s, the guy next to her leans over and says, ‘Do you want to play a game? We’ll ask each other questions and if we don’t know the answer to each others questions, we’ll hand over $5.’

She replies, ‘No thank you, I’d like to get some sleep.’

He says back to her, ‘O.K. I’ll give you $50 (thinking she’s a dumb blonde, he’ll never have to pay), and you only have to pay $5.’ She finally gives in and he asks the first question.

He asks her, ‘What is the distance from the Sun to the Earth?’ She reaches over into her purse, pulls out $5, and hands it to him.

‘Now it’s my turn,’ she says. ‘What is black and white, goes up a hill with three legs and comes back down with four?’

He pulls out his laptop, gets on the Web and no one knows the answer. He gets out his cell phone and calls friends and family, no one knows the answer. He goes back online and emails all his connections, and still, no one knows the answer. After an hour, he finally looks over and taps the blonde on the shoulder to wake her up, and says, ‘You got me. I tried everyone I possibly could and no one knows the answer. Here you go, you deserve the $50.’

She accepts it and says thank you, turns over and goes back to her nap. He looks at her and says, ‘Well, what’s the answer?!’ She reaches into her purse and hands him a $5 bill, turns over and goes back to sleep.

Date: Mon, 4 Oct 1999 16:16:51 -0500