And a happy Thanksgiving to you…

Seven things I’m thankful for:

  • Laura – my wife, the most beautiful, patient, understanding woman in the world. There’s a book or movie to be written about her life, and how she deals with it.
  • Family – You can’t pick your family, but I know I couldn’t have chosen a better one than the one I’m in.
  • God – How He have found me desirable, I’ll never quite understand.
  • Peace – This year has been stressful; leaving my full time job in February to become self-employed was very scary, but it’s been a good year. It was one of the wisest decisions I have ever made.
  • My cats – And I’m not talking about Apple’s operating system, I mean Curious and Penny.
  • Friends – some have moved on to new things in their lives, others are still a part of me on a regular basis. But they all are important and I’m blessed to have the ones I do.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, I am thankful also for you coming to read my thoughts. That is very kind of you, I hope you find that your life has much to be thankful for as well.