What is the obsession with gift cards?

CNN is running a list of the top 35 most outrageous fees (and how to avoid them). Number 18 is Gift-card activation fee. I just don’t understand people’s obsession with giving a gift card. I received two gift cards for my birthday, three for Christmas. My wife received several. But why not give cash? Cash …

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Your Name on Toast

Doh! The next million pixels web site? A purple cow? Oddly misshapen burnt toast? Whatever it is, it’s a neat idea. Pay a few bucks, they write your name on a piece of toast, then link to a web site. YourNameOnToast.com Do they eat the toast? Is sharpie ink edible?

Telemarketing Call from Morton Penni Mortgages

I just received a blatant pre-recorded telemarketing call to my home phone number from a mortgage company in Pennsylvania. Caller ID told me it was from the phone number 215-364-9789, identified as Morton Penni. A Google search shows their information as Morton Penni Mortgages; address as 2 Bustleton Pike; Feasterville Trevose, PA 19053-6343; and their …

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Microsoft adCenter junk mail

At work yesterday I received a glossy advertisement from Microsoft touting their new adCenter. Beyond the irony of using postal junk mail to advertise an online advertising platform is the irony of the opt-out method for stopping this junk in the future. If you prefer not to receive future promotional mailings of this type from …

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