New Car

This L.A. guy bought a brand new Mercedes and as luck would have it, he pulled up to a stoplight next to a guy with the same car. They eyed each other and the other guy said,” You got a phone in yours?”

“Yes, I’ve got a phone!”

“You got a TV?”

“Yes, I’ve got a TV!”

“You got a bed in yours?”

“A bed? No,” (dejectedly).

The light changed and they took off. This got to working on the guy. He thought he had everything. So he turns around and drives straight to the dealership and tells them he wants a bed put in. They tell him that Mercedes don’t come with beds, but the man was adamant and demanded a bed be installed. Finally, they said they’d figure out a way. The guy picks up his car and for the next two weeks drives all over L.A. looking for that guy to show him that he has a bed, too. He finally spots the car in a parking lot and pulls in beside it. He gets out and knocks on the window. No answer. He knocks again. No answer. He
starts to walk away when the window rolls slowly down a bit and the guy growls, “What do you want?”

He says, “I got a bed in my car!

“The guy replies, “You got me out of the shower just to tell me that?”