The White House

NEWSWEEK did a survey: 100 women surveyed were asked, “Would you sleep with the president”? 81 replied, “Never Again”. I don’t understand all the fuss about Clinton. He’s just giving the people what they want; sex and Gore.

Weird Test

Hmm… This one didn’t work for me, but people tell me it works for them… Check out the following exercise, guaranteed to freak you out. There’s no trick or surprise. Just follow these instructions, and answer the questions one at a time and as quickly as you can! Again, as quickly as you can but …

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Becky was on her deathbed, with her husband Jake at her side. He held her cold hand and tears silently streamed down his face. Her pale lips moved. ” Jake,” she said. “Hush,” he quickly interrupted, “don’t talk.” But she insisted. “Jake,” she said in her tired voice. “I have to talk. I must confess.” …

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Let’s hear it for the Packers!

Application to Become a Green Bay Packer Fan: Name:___________________________ CB Handle:______________________ Neck Shade: ____ Light Red ____ Medium Red ____ Dark Red Number of Teeth in exposed full grin: (Neither can exceed 3) Upper _______ Lower _______ Mobile Home Color: ____ Two-tone, brown & white ____ Two-tone pink & white ____ Faded green Model of …

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