3653 Days

Wow, 3,653 days ago I wed my beautiful wife. It seems like yesterday. I’m a very lucky guy. I love you Laura! I’m looking forward to our next 3,652 days together.

Where’s George?

I got a dollar bill a few days ago with a red stamp on it that said “follow me at: www.wheresgeorge.com.” So I went to WheresGeorge.com and discovered that the bill was in Maryland three months ago. Pretty neat.

The Lion King

To summarize: Best. Show. Ever. There were people flying, elephants and rhinos, just incredible. It was too much to look at, you simply couldn’t see everything. If you’ve seen the animated movie, you know the story, but the live performance simply blew the movie away. There were a few new scenes, and Mufasa’s death caused …

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