Dang, I forgot it was Pi Day

I don’t believe I forgot it was pi day today. Mr. Wheaton reminded me. March 14, 1:59 is 3.14159. I guess people are really excited in Europe on July 22., which they write as 22/7. I was excited last week when the day was a sentence. (March 4th.)

Re: Should We Miss Our Church Graveyards?

Russell D. Moore asks Should We Miss Our Church Graveyards? I find the thought of being laid to rest on a church property a bit comforting. That seems “nicer” (more personal) than in some humongous cemetery, mixing with people I don’t know. I’d like to spend forever with people I’ve spent most Sundays with.

Home Schooling in California

A recent California appeals court ruled that the only people allowed to teach children in California should be licensed/credentialed. Read more at A Bolt From the Blue — A Homeschooling Decision in California.