Vote Democratic Tomorrow

Boy, the brainiacs at the Prince William County Republican Party aren’t too swift. If you recall, two weeks ago, they decided to put their garbage under my doormat, since I didn’t explicitly tell them not to do that, I only told them to not stick stuff on my door. My notice is posted here. I griped about the Republicans then. That posting got mentioned by the Fairfax County Democratic Committee, and then on the Virginia Political Blogs collection.

I held my tongue when I met Rep. Davis last week. That was a mistake, he wanted to meet the voters, I should have taken him up on and asked why their canvassers are trying to annoy people.

But today, the day before the election, this just takes the cake. Check out my neighborhood. Look closely at the doors of my neighbors.

Here’s my next door neighbor.

Notice the maroon car with a door hanger under the windshield wiper. One guess whose car that is. . The canvasser consciously chose to put something on my car when it is very clear I was not interested in their stuff on my door. What good would putting stuff on my car do? No one else’s car in the neighborhood had stuff on them. I just called and left a message with the County Republicans. We’ll see if they choose to respond. (Update: they never did. Losers.)

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  1. Find out who it was, charge them with vehicle trespass. Thats easy. I bet it gets their attention too.

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