Vote Democratic in Two Weeks

I rarely get political here, but the Republicans in my home county make me sick. I have a clear notice on the front of my home that I don’t want junk stuck to my door. So what do the Republicans do? They stick two sets of brochures under my doormat. If they can’t follow my express desire for privacy, why should I think they can respect my implied desire? So, fine, I’m voting for the Prince William Democrats. I encourage you to do the same.

  • James H. “Jim” Webb Jr for US Senate (VA)
  • Andrew L. Hurst for US Representative (VA-11)
  • Sharon Pandak for Prince William County Chairman of the Board
  • What! No is running against the incumbent for the 51st District of the Virginia House of Delegates? For shame! There should always be a challenger for an election.

Update: The Quote of the Day: “Hell, I never vote for anybody, I always vote against.” – W. C. Fields


  1. Don’t worry, the House of Delegates (along with the Senate and county offices) are up for reelection next year, not this year. There’s only a special election in the 50th because the incumbent died. The McQuigg seat will most likely be contested next year–no Northern Virginia Republican can count on reelection next year.

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