Vistaprint Still Sucks

So, three and a half months after “closing” my account with Vistaprint (see Vistaprint sucks for details) guess what I got in the postal mail today? Junk mail from some loser motivation speaker series addressed to me with my tagged postal address. I always give a unique shipping address to companies I order stuff from. Then when they violate their privacy policy, I have proof. That’s so cynical of me that I have to assume that companies will violate my privacy that I have to do such things. But it’s not like anyone ever gets in trouble for not following their privacy policies.

So I visited Vistaprint, and tried to log into my account, the one that was closed. I spent a good amount of time with a Vistaprint customer service representative back in April, and told him to close my account. Well that really worked. I guess I now need to worry about my address getting further sold. The privacy policy for the motivational speakers says they will market the information they collect. I now get to file a Form 1500 on them.

I’ve now emailed Vistaprint and submitted my request that they close my account. Tomorrow I’ll be mailing them the request. Of course, at this point, I doubt they will really do anything.