Traffic Analysis from Blogathon Weekend

I’ve looked at the basic reports that Google Analytics can give. My web site traffic for last weekend, the weekend of Blogathon, increased a little bit. Here are some snappy charts.

This chart shows all pages on my site. I have no idea what the huge bump is at the beginning of July, I definitely need to look more closely at that. July 28th I had 3,917 page views, which is almost exactly the same as the previous day (3,965). But Sunday the 29th (the sharp peak on the right) had 6,614 page views. I’m guessing this is from the popularity of my “Guess the Number of Marbles contest.”

This chart shows how much time people spend on my site. Time is the newest metric to report on how popular (how sticky) a site is. Through Wednesday, July 25th, the time stayed under 5 minutes per visit. Then it started shooting up, to 13:06 on Saturday the 28th, and 15:20 on Sunday the 29th, the two days of Blogathon.

I’ll update my normal traffic charts soon.


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