The Donald’s Most Important Real-life Advice

From Guy Kawasaki’s blog, an interview with Donald Trump

Question: TV is TV, real life is real life: What’s the most important real-life advice you can give to an entrepreneur?

Answer: You have to love what you do. Without passion, great success is hard to come by. An entrepreneur will have tough times if he or she isn’t passionate about what they’re doing. People who love what they’re doing don’t give up. It’s never even a consideration. It’s a pretty simple formula.

I think that’s one reason why I’m leaving my full-time day job as the webmaster for the Center for Democracy & Technology, and going to stay at home and work on some web projects that I am having a blast doing. CDT still is doing great, important work, but I’m not loving slogging through HTMLizing pages, and spending two hours a day commuting.


  1. Hi Mike … The only thing I can say to this is you are REALLY lucky if you can find a job that makes money enough to support yourself that you REALLY love! Lots of people I have met and known in my life have had things they are really good at, and love doing … but these things won’t pay the bills!

    Now the Hippie generation that I am a part of was great at “dropping out” and doing unconventional things, but most of these things didn’t pay the bills, and now you see those famous names from the 60’s sold out to the conventional world for the bucks to keep them off the streets or out of some homeless shelter!

    Sincere good luck in finding your Bliss! Please keep us posted as to how your new world is treating you … and do offer some gems of wisdom occasionally if you come to any insight as to how the rest of us (specifically me) can join you in this much dreamed of Utopia of loving what you do while keeping the wolf from the door!

    Your Yahoo 360 friend …

  2. Thanks for writing in Betty. I’ll be sharing more this coming week about what I’ll be working on. This is to a point an experiment to see if my hobbies can support me.

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