RIAA and their Abundance of Sensitivity

The RIAA has dropped their lawsuit (settlement) against a dead man. Does the RIAA just not get that they have a horrible image to the public? These type of fiascoes reinforce their image as greedy scum sucking parasites.

Lots of great info at Boing Boing: RIAA’s “abundance of sensitivity” ends harassment of grieving family

My original post: RIAA is even coming after dead people

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  1. Uncle Larry ain’t the only Scantlebury with a grievance against the ‘authorities’.
    Right now I’m sitting on a new novel that includes references to the way I got sacked from my job in 2004.
    A dilemma. Should I publish (on Lulu) and risk getting sued, or should I keep quiet about corporate greed and wrong doing?
    Hey, I got an idea.
    I’ll just have to die first!
    (Then they’ll forgive me.)

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