Netflix Analysis by PlanetMike

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On this chart, I am showing 4 pieces of information:

  • The number of DVDs I rented each month (bars, values are on the right axis);
  • The amount of time (in hours) it takes between a DVD being received and the next one being shipped:
    • the maximum, (the flat top of each dark line)
    • the minimum, (the flat bottom of each dark line)
    • the monthly average (the solid circle on each dark line)

So, the first month (April 2004) shows that we received 5 DVDs. The longest shipping time that month was around 32.5 hours, the quickest shipping time was 2.3 hours, and the average was 15.2 hours.

You can select each chart to see a much larger version.

Netflix Analysis

This chart shows the ten dvd moving average of the amount of time it takes to send the next disc to me. By averaging out the time over the most recent ten discs, that would minimize the amount of damage a single delayed shipment would have on the chart. This shows that early 2005, late 2005, and early 2006 I was either being throttled, or Netflix was having problems in their shipping centers. Since February 2006, things are looking ok, except for around the holidays of 2006. 2007 has had very quick turnaround.

Netflix Analysis


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September 04, 2007