I met Rep. Tom Davis this morning

This morning I was standing at the slug line in Woodbridge, and as I got to the front of the line I saw walking down the sidewalk several people carrying political flyers and wearing nametags. It turns out the first person was my U.S. Representative, Tom Davis. We shook hands, he worked the whole line, his campaign staffer tried to give me some literature (I politely declined). I also resisted the urge to ask Rep. Davis why Republicans can’t follow instructions.

When I got into the car for my ride into DC, the driver mentioned that the Republicans must be getting desperate if the candidates have to go person-to-person on the slug line. She also mentioned she can’t wait until the elections next week as then the stupid negative advertising will stop. I can’t agree more.

I talked with my mother-in-love last evening. She mentioned that they were going to vote for the third-party candidate in their US House election, but the candidate dropped out. She mentioned that they have no idea what the big name candidates’ views are, so wanted to vote for someone that would at least send a message that the Democrats and Republicans are out of touch.

My wife and I voted in the Democratic primary this summer. I voted for one candidate, she voted for the other. So our votes cancelled out, but we took the time to vote. When only 3.45% of eligible voters (Source: Virginia State Board of Elections) turn out for a primary, it seems that the parties need to do something to get people back involved in politics. I would guess that many people see politics and politicians as a waste of time, so why bother trying to get involved?

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