rude parrot

rude parrot

Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1998 12:50:59 -0500

This guy buys a parrot that is already about a year or two old. It can talk, but only knows curse words. He cusses all the time and when he is not cussing, he is rude. The guy tries to change the parrot's attitude. He plays soft music and talks very nice to the bird -- but the bird just gets worse. The guy gets desperate and he yells at the bird -- the bird gets even worse and begins cussing at him. The guy grabbs the bird and starts shaking him. So the bird starts cussing more and biting. Out of total desperation the guy grabs his freezer door and throws the parrot in the freezer. He can hear the parrot in there flailing about and cussing up a storm. All of a sudden it becomes dead quiet. The guy thinks, "Oh my gosh, I've killed him!" He opens the freezer door and the bird steps out onto the guy's arm. The bird says, "I am sorry if I have caused you desperation in the past, but I will try to change my disposition in the future and only speak kindly to you." The guy is absolutely dumbfound! He is about to ask the bird what caused his change of heart when the bird says: "May I ask what the chicken did?"


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