Date: Mon, 9 Feb 1998 17:59:56 -0500

At a big lake where recreational fishing dominates the waters, all the locals are envious of one fisherman. They are envious because this fisherman always brings back a bunch of fish when he goes out. He catches an armful of fish every time, even when the fish aren't biting for anyone else. Even more puzzling is the fact that this fisherman only takes a net and his tackle box out in the boat with him... no poles or rods or anything. Everyone wonders how he does it.

Well, the local game warden gets suspicious. He disguises himself and gets the fisherman to take him out on one of his trips. Once they reach a secluded spot on the lake, the fisherman reaches into his tackle box. He pulls out a stick of dynamite, lights it, and tosses it into the water. BOOM!!!! Then, slowly, the fish start to float up to the surface. The fisherman throws out his net and starts bringing the dead fish into the boat.

The game warden is astonished and horrified. He pulls out his badge, and says to the fisherman, "I'm the game warden, and what you are doing is illegal."

The fisherman reaches into his tackle box and pulls out another stick of dynamite. He lights it, hands it to the game warden, and says, "Well, are you gonna fish or are you just gonna sit there?"


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