captured by cannibals

captured by cannibals

Date: Fri, 6 Mar 1998 10:02:11 -0500

A Frenchman, an Englishman, and an American are captured by cannibals. When they meet the chief of the tribe, he tells them "Look, you're going to die anyway. But you have a choice. You can die with honor if you wish. But if you do not die an honorable death, we'll turn your hides into canoes."

So the Frenchman steps up and yells, "Hand me a sword!". He takes the sword into his hand, raises it into the air, shouts out "Vive Le France!", and plunges the sword through his gut. The chief nods as he sees this as very honorable.

The Englishman steps up next and yells, "Hand me a pistol!". He takes the pistol into his hand, raises it to his head, and shouts out, "God save the Queen!", and pulls the trigger. Another honorable death, nods the chief.

So the American steps up and yells, "Hand me a fork!". The cannibals look confused, but they get him a fork. The American holds the fork up, and starts stabbing wildly at his body, yelling "Screw your canoe!"


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