Tyson Ear Jokes

Tyson Ear Jokes

Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 15:45:07 +0600

10. Tyson received new endorsement contract from 7-11 for "Big-Bite Hot Dogs."

9. Tyson's new future wife? Lisa Lobe.

8. The old standby phrases of "got an earful" and "chewed my ear off," will all be renamed to "I just got Tyson'd"

7. Every hour Holyfield ponders "what if I'd butted him below the belt?"

6. When asked why he skipped dinner after the fight, Tyson replied, "I had and earful from Evander."

5. Ron Popeil will introduce the a new product next week: "The Ronco Pocket Miracle Ear."

4. Las Vegas Police helpless to stop post fight rampage by Tyson, because they were all covering their ears.

3. New spin-off medical series, "Tyson-Holyfield E.R.", Tyson plays an unorthodox and emotionally unbalanced surgeon, no... wait. That's already been done on every medical drama series every produced.

2. Not letting grass grow under his feet, this morning Don King signed the Seven Dwarves to a Tyson bout.

1. Tyson's immediate thoughts after biting: "Evander must be on a low salt diet."


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